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Advanced statistics for the 2021/22 season


We manually watch every single shot in every single game to ensure our xG numbers are always super accurate.


All xG (and non-xG) stats are laid out in a clear and concise format that makes it very simple and fast to filter and customise to find the info you are looking for.


Regular in-depth articles and analysis to accompany the statistics and explore in greater detail.

xGstats.com provides a complete package of statistics and analysis for English football.

xG is such a great tool but it is a complex, time consuming and costly process to produce something that is of practical use. 

At xGstats, we can solve that problem for you. We provide you all the xG numbers for every game (league and cup) played by the 116 teams in the top 5 divisions of English football. Everything is laid out in a clear, concise format and is accompanied by in-depth articles and analysis.

Our xG numbers can be relied upon to be super accurate as we manually watch every single shot in every single game to ensure things like defensive pressure, goalkeeper position, shot type etc are recorded accurately for every attempt on goal. Watching manually also allows us to accurately record things like rebounds, own goals, penalties etc. 

Every league gets the full in-depth treatment. The Football League and the National League get the same level of detail as the Premier League.

By subscribing to xGstats you will become an expert on all things xG without having to do any of the hard work! 

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our xg reports for every game

After every set of weekend or midweek fixtures you will be sent our xG Reports. These will feature a full review and analysis of the Expected Goals numbers in every game in each division.

updated stats, tables & rankings

xG comes into its own when you put multiple results together and a picture emerges of which teams are over/under performing.  We will make that simple for you with our ranking tables featuring 57 customisable metrics.

in depth analysis & articles

We don’t just provide you with the numbers but also in-depth analysis and explanations of the context behind the numbers. There’s also regular “season so far” in-depth looks at each league every 6 – 8 games.

all data available to download

All xGstats data is available for members to download as an excel spreadsheet. This “master” sheet is updated twice a week after the weekend and midweek sets of fixtures.

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